Why I Started This Blog

Why I Started This Blog

Why I Started This Blog

As a mother sometimes you just want to rip your own hair out! I feel this way a lot! This is one of the reasons I am starting this blog. Now first off, I simply need a hobby but I also want to share helpful information with other women and mothers. I am a mother of two but many of my posts are relevant for all woman!

A little about me- I have always loved writing and believe this will be a good outlet for that! After reading tons of other blogs online about starting a blog- I decided to go for it! I am diving in and learning as I go!

So, if you are a mother or a woman and you’re feeling overwhelmed, please follow my posts! If you are struggling with creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle- I can help! If you want to live a simpler life- you have come to the right place!!

This is a lifestyle blog focusing on minimalism, healthy living, simple living, attachment and natural parenting and surviving as a mother! Anything to do with life and self improvement- you’ll find it here!

I recently started on my own journey to minimalism and reducing my consumerism. As I go, I will be sharing this journey with all of you! The journey to living a minimalist life is definitely not easy- but very worth it! I am also extremely passionate about empowering other women and mothers. I have a plethora of information on different products, natural parenting, minimalism, organization and money saving tricks!

I am new to this whole blogging thing- so I hope you will grow along with me! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please shoot me an email at sugarmamablog@gmail.com.

Follow my journey as you embark on your own!

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