The Truth About Postpartum Depression

The Truth About Postpartum Depression

The Truth About Postpartum Depression

Here’s the truth- having a baby is beautiful but it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Of course it is beautiful- we love our children. It’s also painful- physically and emotionally. Childbirth isn’t the only thing that’s painful about having a baby.

So here you are sitting on the floor, listening to the incessant cries coming from that bundle of joy. That is enough to break even the strongest of us.

No one tells you about the isolation or the logistics of bringing one, juggling two, three or more children by yourself at the grocery store. So you don’t go to the grocery store anymore. You stay home and you figure out how to run your errands from your couch. People joke that some days the victory is just keeping your children alive, but some days that is the victory. So you strive to just keep those kids alive! Some days you don’t feel like you’re cut out to be a mother, but you make that bottle and you cook those chicken nuggets and you smile. But you still struggle to get up in the morning. You’re just so tired. How is it even possible to still be tired after sleeping for 10 hours? But somehow you’re still tired- exhausted all the time. You watch the clock waiting for a helping hand but your days are 10+ hours long. You don’t get a lunch break. Hell you don’t even get bathroom breaks! You poop while holding a baby. But you love your children- so you get up and you smile, day after day. You question how you can love your children more than anything in the world but still feel unhappy and unfulfilled? This mom guilt will eat you alive. So what are you supposed to do? Is this normal? It doesn’t seem as if it should be normal but it starts to feel like a way of life. It starts to feel like your reality. Although postpartum depression is normal, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

If you’re a mother and you feel this way- please reach out Struggling with postpartum depression is not something to feel embarrassed or ashamed about. Postpartum depression is extremely common- 1 in 8 women experience depression after having a baby. Call a therapist or even call a friend. Sometimes being a parent is hard but sometimes it’s harder than it needs to be. Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety make it harder than it needs to be.

Please comment below and let me know how you or someone you know kicked your postpartum depression. I will follow up this blog post with another one on how to kick postpartum depression.

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